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  Someone visits a search engine and performs a keyword search for
 "business opportunity." (or any targeted keyword)  
  When the engine displays the list of suitable web sites, some of those listings will belong to websites in OUR NETWORK! 
  The surfer clicks on the listing and we load YOUR WEBSITE!

This goes the same for any business you're promoting. We target dozens of categories.

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If you sell vitamins, we send people to your site who want vitamins!
If you sell Beauty supplies, we send people to your site interested in Beauty supplies!
If you're offering a Work at Home opportunity, we target Work at Home Enthusiasts!

WE Target the Campaign for you!
We personally review your site and match the category for you! 
(We handle this on OUR end)

All orders are automatically targeted USA unless you state otherwise. We can also target by region.... Combo USA/Canada or Worldwide, if you prefer. * Mlm Category blankets all multi-level, work at home, money making, business opportunities etc.

Beauty Business Credit Repair Credit Cards
Debt Consolidation Diet Entertainment Family
Finance Free Stuff Gambling/Lottery Games
Health/Vitamins Hobbies MLM Work at Home
Income Opportunities Home Based Business Recreation Shopping
Sports Travel  Vacations Webmasters

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5,000 Guaranteed Visitors! 
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Solo Ad Advertising!
"Mailbox Money News"

Marketers love to run solo ads. 
If this is your preference, then you've come to the right place. 

We own the hottest Entrepreneur lists on the Net, taking over 15 YEARS build!
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* We have hundreds of ad creations...just order and let us take care of the design 
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Bonus: We'll send to an additional 15,000 readers!
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172,000 Readers!

We actually have over 500,000 subscribers in our database. (10 individual lists) 
We rotate each mailing so our lists are NEVER over used.

You'll receive FRESH eyes with each order.

Selling a product such as Vitamins, Clothing, Gift Items, Music, DVD's?
Our readers are not only Entrepreneurs, they are all active buyers of computer services and consumer products such as: music, software, vitamins, clothing, jewelry, gift items and more.

These are NOT harvested addresses, NOT safelists, NOT ffa sites or auto-reply emails.... this is our own in-house database of opt in Entrepreneurs and buyers of all products!

Our list took over 15 years to build! 
...It consists of
REAL people who READ their email.
Our list is cleaned daily. All bounces & undeliverable addresses are removed EVERY day. 
This is TRUE circulation.

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Solo Ad to 157,000 Readers!
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Your information is completely safe! See terms below.

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Order your SOLO AD to 157,000 Readers for only $149!
One Time Fee! - We do not auto-bill. 
When your campaign has completed you may re-order if you wish. 

We do not use auto re-billing. We will contact you when your membership 
is about to expire with renewal information. 

To pay by Check or Money Order: Send to Consumer Awareness Products,  1358 Hooper Ave. Suite 312, Toms River, NJ 08753  Include Name and Email address so we can send  password. 

Terms: All sales are final. Once the order begins, no refunds will be issued. We guarantee to supply the traffic as promised. We do not guaranteed sales. That's up to you and your website offer. Traffic is typically delivered within 30 days for practically every order. Under some circumstances it can take up to 90 days depending on the system load and category selected.  If you do not agree to the terms do not order.

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